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iPod dock in an Atari 2600


Creator Byron Casebier, at Gizmodo:

Here is my weak (and slightly unfinished) Atari iPod Dock. I thought sharing may create interest for someone that can do this better. As far as specs, I gutted a broken, iPod clock radio

SpongeBob SquarePants eyeball speaker dock. You know... for kids.


It is hard to imagine a more grotesque children's cartoon character than SpongeBob SquarePants: a buck toothed idiot man child incarnated into a cube of gasping, asexual jelly. That such a surreal horror could become an icon of cuteness just …

Video Review: Griffin AirCurve iPhone Dock

In short, it's bad. Don't buy it.

AirCurve dock product page []…

Griffin's Simplifi iPod dock crams in card reader, USB hub


Griffin's new Simplifi gorgeously converges a card reader and a USB hub with the opalescent plastic brick of an iPod or iPhone dock. It's simple, but it takes what is usually a wasteful, unnecessary block and actually makes it useful, …

Skullcandy Pipe iPod / iPhone dock looks like a femur


I've never really tried Skullcandy's sepulchral range of ear buds, mostly because of some uneducated assumptions that they must sound like crap if they look so neat for such a cheap price. The Skullcandy Pipe iPod / iPhone dock generates …

iPhone 3G dock as evidence of Apple's new love for swoops


I think this image from iLounge showing the last three docks for Apple media players — iPods, the iPod EDGE, and the new iPhone 3G — is a concise indicator of where Apple's industrial design is going. Less basic geometric …

Krell introduces the KID: the Venus de Milo of iPod docks


Behold, the Krell Kid. Don't let its nickname — "The Papa Dock" — fool you: although the Krell's branding attempts to associate itself with a certain hard core gangsta rapper from Eminem's 8 Mile, what you are looking at …

Cute little battery-powered iPod dock


Surround Xi is a tiny little speaker tube with a USB port. Simply plug in a thumbdrive with MP3 songs on it, and play them. It's about $15 and it's great. Surely originating from the same distant, nameless factory, …

JVC HDTVs with built-in iPod Dock


JVC's new LT line of televisions marries that chic-est and most useless of gadgetry fashions — the iPod dock — to its slim HDTVs. Starting at 32" and 720p and going up to 52" and 1080p, you're looking at …

The einö portable iPod dock


I rather like the this portable Japanese iPod dock by einö. No idea on the sound quality, of course (my guess is rather tinny, just by dint of being portable), but it has a certain allure in the combination of …