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The Spirit of St. Louis World War II iPod dock

The Spirit of Saint Louis dock marries the sturdy military craftsmanship of a WWII battlefield radio with a a CD player, stereo speakers, an alarm clock and an iPod dock connector, perfect for transmitting “America! Fuck Yeah!” deep into enemy … Continue reading

Transforming Optimus Prime iPod dock! Squee!

For an 80’s kid like me, Takara Tomy’s transforming Optimus Prime iPod dock can’t be described by words, only by phonemic abstractions meant to convey the most transcendental surges of consumerist joy. Words like SQUEE! and WOOBLEWOOP! But being an … Continue reading

Boynq Wake-Up iPod Alarm Dock: Almost Stylish!

There’s hardly anything more boring that iPod docks, I know, but this “Wake Up” alarm clock model from Boynq approaches (but does not quite exceed) awesome. The off-kilter design is cute and quirky without going over the top. (Although I … Continue reading

Pottery Barn’s Simple Speaker Shelf

How good this “Ultimate Display Speaker Shelf” sounds is anybody’s guess, but it’s only eighty bucks and looks better than every other iPod dock on the market. A winner! Catalog Page [PBTeen.com via Geeksugar]