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Cheap speaking toys say what reporters tell people to hear

The sound chips used in toys turn recorded voices into incomprehensible babble. It's the result of making them as cheaply as possible, and it sometimes gets manufacturers in trouble. Why? Because people love to be upset and angry: combine paranoia …

The Birds Barbie doll gets her eyes pecked


Presumably to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, Mattel is releasing this special, limited edition Barbie doll, modeled after Tippi Hedren's iconic pose: a single, soft white hand shielding herself from a horde of feathered rates …

Talking, singing, dancing dolls... dissected!


Matt Kirkland, Designer for Hire!, vivisects a wide variety of talking dolls, peeling their skin off layer by layer to reveal the plastic musculature and copper-twined sinews of the anatomy within. Baby Big Bird can be scraped down to …

Functional Dollhouse Television


Dok's Emporium sells these fully functional 1/12th-scale model televisions for use in doll houses. They take a standard composite input to display reruns of Jem and the Holograms (or whatever you like provided it is truly outrageous) on the 2-inch …

Demonic Dismembered Baby Head Theremins


Rich writes:

I was looking at theremins on ebay and found this terrifying one made out of baby boll's head with glowing satanic eyes!

If that doesn't give you guys Norwegian wood, I don't know this cantankerous, weirdo audience. Even …