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Doctor Driller saves boy's life


A doctor in Australia drilled into a boy's skull with a power drill, draining it of blood clots that would otherwise have killed him. From the BBC:

Dr Rob Carson performed the procedure on Nicholas Rossi, 13, after


South African Makita billboard is drilled pointillism


[I Believe in Advertising via Trendbeheer via PSFK via Toolcrib via Core77]…

Power On Self Test: Walk without rhythm

big fucken tunneler thing.jpg

Bongkun Shin's "SmartGuide" Drill Concept


Eschewing the form-over-function tendency of most concept designs, Bongkun Shin's "SmartGuide" drill features a nesting, retracting guide that ensures perfectly perpendicular holes. While there are certainly times when the guide would get in the way, a simple clip to keep …

"Rebore-Zit" Bit for Enlarging Wire-Filled Holes


The "Rebore-Zit" is a very specialized piece of equipment, designed for enlarging holes through which wires are drawn without losing the wire itself. (No big deal on a stud as shown, but a royal pain if it happens inside a …

Bit Cover for Drilling Through Carpet


This "carpet cutter and drill guide" will probably be useful to nearly none, but I get a kick out of discovering products so highly specialized. This little bit cover will cut through carpet cleanly, preventing severed fibers from wrapping around …