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Advisor: Why my GPS is bad for my brain

I used to never get lost in San Francisco. I was a safe driver who obeyed traffic rules. Then I got a GPS, and everything changed. I’m a closet road geek. I love thinking about how cities are built and … Continue reading

Jawbone maker giving $20 off if you got a traffic ticket for not using a Bluetooth headset

Aliph make a pretty good Bluetooth headset, I’ve heard, but I think I respect them just as much for their clever marketing of the Jawbone. First they let CES attendees trade their old Bluetooth headsets for a Jawbone. Now they’re … Continue reading

186,000 British drivers fined in 2006 for driving while yapping

Some 460 drivers are fined a day in Britain for talking on their cell phones at the wheel. This compares to where I used to live in New Mexico, where 460 state and local representatives are nicked every day for … Continue reading