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BD+: Blu-ray’s Last DRM Defense

Threat Level‘s Ryan Singel puts together a great overview of “BD+,” the as-yet-undefeated DRM system that is included as an optional secondary restriction layer on Blu-ray high-definition discs. The BD+ system, invented by the San Francisco-based company Cryptography Research, embeds … Continue reading

Playstation 3 DVR to Forgo DRM

Let’s give a nod where it’s due: one of Sony’s developers of the “PlayTV” digital receiver for the Playstation 3 has announced that television recordings will be stored in industry standard, DRM-free MPEG-2, reports Eurogamer. “We’ve talked to our legal … Continue reading

Quotable: Alec Meer on Official No-CD Patches

Rock, Paper, Shotgun‘s Alec Meer points out the inherent rub of official no-CD patches to games that are released after the games are long in the tooth, as Blizzard recently offered for Warcraft 3: I’ve always found it fascinating when … Continue reading

Sony BMG Selling DRM-Free MP3s on Amazon

That didn’t take long. Sony BMG has announced they will be selling their catalog in DRM-free MP3 on the Amazon Music Store, making Amazon the first retailer to have all four major labels on board. Amazon to sell Sony BMG … Continue reading

Sony BMG Sort of Drops DRM

In a ridiculously customer-phobic move typical of the company, Sony BMG has announced they’ll start selling DRM-free MP3s of their artists’ music—but only if you go to a retail store and buy a special gift card. From Reuters: Sony BMG, … Continue reading