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BD+: Blu-ray's Last DRM Defense

Threat Level's Ryan Singel puts together a great overview of "BD+," the as-yet-undefeated DRM system that is included as an optional secondary restriction layer on Blu-ray high-definition discs.

The BD+ system, invented by the San Francisco-based company Cryptography Research,

Playstation 3 DVR to Forgo DRM

Let's give a nod where it's due: one of Sony's developers of the "PlayTV" digital receiver for the Playstation 3 has announced that television recordings will be stored in industry standard, DRM-free MPEG-2, reports Eurogamer.

"We've talked to our

Quotable: Alec Meer on Official No-CD Patches

Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Alec Meer points out the inherent rub of official no-CD patches to games that are released after the games are long in the tooth, as Blizzard recently offered for Warcraft 3:

I’ve always found it

Sony BMG Selling DRM-Free MP3s on Amazon

That didn't take long. Sony BMG has announced they will be selling their catalog in DRM-free MP3 on the Amazon Music Store, making Amazon the first retailer to have all four major labels on board.

Amazon to sell Sony BMG

Sony BMG Sort of Drops DRM

In a ridiculously customer-phobic move typical of the company, Sony BMG has announced they'll start selling DRM-free MP3s of their artists' music—but only if you go to a retail store and buy a special gift card.

From Reuters:

Sony BMG,