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Fox to strip special features from rental DVDs

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment will now start selling two versions of its regular DVDS, one with all the standard special features we’ve come to expect, and one with just the movie and trailers to be sold to rental shops … Continue reading

LG’s floating DVD player is gorgeous

We don’t post many DVD players here, since slotting your media into a drive seems so positively quaint these days, but LG’s romantically named DVS540H is about as gorgeous and minimal a DVD player can get until someone figures out … Continue reading

Terminator T-800 Skull DVD Player

A reflective T-800 skull — stolen from Cyberdyne, Brilloed clean of synthetic Austrian musculature and goop — makes an excellent DVD player, as it turns out. Simply insert your DVD in the brainpan and allow re-functioned Terminator MDK processors to … Continue reading

Wii gets third-party DVD playback

A mysterious gap in the Wii’s feature list over the last couple years has been the lack of DVD playback. There’s no technical reason it can’t do it: it just doesn’t. Not a big deal when a host of DVD-reading … Continue reading

Why would Europe embrace something as wasteful as self-destructing DVDs?

The future of video rentals is pretty clearly in on-demand streaming of video over the Internet, but until then, DVD companies need to strengthen the legs of their business model somehow. Now, a German company named Einmal has announced that … Continue reading