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Dell Mini-Inspiron running Ubuntu in the wild


Engadget has posted up some leaked insider shots of the Dell Mini-Inspiron Netbook (still MIA, dammit) running Ubuntu Netbook. The slathering of Ubuntu on a netbook is satisfying in a peanut butter meets bacon sort of way, but the real …

Dell E will cost $299 in August, prompts mini-notebook navel gazing


A mere three months ago, I was actually excited about mini-notebooks. I thought they were wonderful: a complete rejection by the laptop industry that a small, light weight yet still capable laptop should be priced, ounce-for-ounce, alongside Gallium. Now? I …

Dell challenges the Eee with... the E?!?!


The sleek, whore-red Dell subnotebook Gizmodo spotted Michael Dell wandering around with at All Things D has been officially announced and named, and it's called the Dell E. I love it. It says everything about Dell: they put together pretty …