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Fujitsu's Prototype "FLEPia" Color ePaper eBook


Fujitsu showed off this prototype ePaper book reader at CEATEC, which is most notable for its capability of displaying 4096 colors. That's good—current commercial ePaper products are all grayscale—but the pixel density is also important for legibility; I'm not sure …

Sony PRS-505 Reader eBook Reviewed (Verdict: Better, If Barely)

prs505.jpg has given a light review pass to the Sony PRS-505 Reader, the latest update to the eBook/ePaper product line. It sounds better, for sure, but not amazingly so:

Just based on what I've seen so far, however, I think

Sony Reader PRS-505 Officially Announced


Despite a troubled history, I remain a huge ePaper and eBook reader fan. I have to give Sony credit for pursuing the idea, even though their first "Reader" product didn't quite get the traction they'd hoped. The new PRS-505 model …