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Asus adds 3.75G to latest Eee PC; What the hell is "3.75G"?

AsusTek has released yet another Asus Eee netbook, but this one has a cellular radio modem inside, not unlike the thousands of other laptops sold every day. But because their modem uses HSUPA, a slightly faster flavor of 3G than …

Asus Eee PC 1000H: a perfectly wonderful netMacbook


One thing we're all pretty sure Steve Jobs has no intention of announcing tomorrow: an OS X netbook. But why do we need one when the Asus Eee PC 1000H can be purchased for $550 and hacked to run OS …

Asus' new luxury S101 Eee coming in September


Excremental brown is not much in demand as a laptop color, but Asus can't even be bothered to wipe off a new Eee after it spurts a new model out of its netbook production orifice before selling it these days. …

Asus announced "whole-day" batteries for the Eee

According to Digitimes Asus is planning on pushing out an Eee netbook with "whole-day" battery life. The quotes make that sound like a crazy euphemism, but if it's even a third of a day, that could reinvigorate my interest in …

Dell E will cost $299 in August, prompts mini-notebook navel gazing


A mere three months ago, I was actually excited about mini-notebooks. I thought they were wonderful: a complete rejection by the laptop industry that a small, light weight yet still capable laptop should be priced, ounce-for-ounce, alongside Gallium. Now? I …

Asus EeePC 1000H is good, but is $650


Asus's upgraded Eee PC, with a bold 10" display and 80GB hard drive, rules. But Laptop laments the $650 price tag, with which it exits the cheap-subnote category its own predecessors created.

We like the Eee PC 1000H, but we’ll

Round up: Subnotebook madness!


Yesterday was a banner day for gadget fetishists enamored with the latest spurtings from the subnotebook news orifice. In the interest of not having to write separate posts on all of this crap, we offer a round-up of everything that …

MSI Wind review: Te enamorarás! Yes, it's an Eee-killer


MSI's Wind is a 10" subnotebook coming soon in a $400 512MB linux version and a $550 1GB Windows XP version–you get Bluetooth and a 7-hour battery with the latter, explaining the price hike. The XP model is great, according …

From rendering to reality: Asus's desktop Eee PC


Spot the difference! Granted, it's not the most flattering of photographs. But the journey from Maya to the material plane is clearly one of compromise. Engadget puts it bluntly: The Eee desktop looks "noticeably worse than the concept preceding it."…

Eee now comes in pink, blue and, yes, greeen.


Asus's EeePC 4G-X, arriving May 3 in Japan, will come in three lovely new colors. Spec-wise, unfortunately, it looks like the same old first-gen Eee, with 800x480 WVGA display, 4GB flash drive and up to 2GB of RAM. Pretty, though!…