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First Look: Mission One electric motorcycle

Take a gander at the Mission One, the plug-in electric motorcycle from Mission Motors. With a 150-mile range and a top speed of 150 silent miles per hour, all wrapped up in a Yves BĂ©har design, the Mission One…

Tesla Roadster totals just like a regular sports car

According to Wrecked Exotics, this Tesla electric roadster was trashed by a sales director who lost control during a demonstration ride at 100MPH, throwing his potential customer from the car. The passenger survived without serious injuries, though, which is…

Why you need an SUV: To pick up your electric supercar at Sam's Club

In an unlikely synergy, bulk retailer Sam's Club is selling a single electric supercar, an apparently nameless model from Hybrid Technologies. For $100k you'll get the car (capable of speeds up to 150MPH), professional track training in Los Angeles, and…

Torqeedo electric outboard boat motor

Treehugger has a video review of the "Torqeedo" electric outboard motor. It sounds a bit whiny, but certainly no more garish than a gas outboard. Each charge of the Torqeedo's lithium-manganese battery is good for a range of up to…

Nissan to release electric car by 2010

Automaker Nissan announced that it plans to sell an electric car by 2010 in Japan, with worldwide mass-production only 2 years later. The AP's Yuri Kageyama writes from Tokyo:
Nissan is also in talks with parking lot and railway companies

Homebrew Electric Motorcycle

Benjamin Nelson built his own electric motorcycle from parts he got on Craigslist and from a local farm store. It only has a 15 mile range, but it gets the equivalent of 300MPG (based on current prices of gas and…

DONG Energy Powers Electric Cars

Happy Monday, everyone. Before I get started, I would just like to announce that there is a company in Denmark—Dansk Olie og NaturGas—that abbreviates their name as "DONG." As DONG is Denmark's state energy producer, this could be the most…

Tefal QuickCup: Hot Water in 3 Seconds

The Tefal QuickCup heats up hot water in three seconds, perfect for popping out a quick cup of tea, instant coffee or soups, or cocoa. A built-in replaceable filter, uh, filters* while a special heating coil dispenses about 8 ounces…

Folding Electric RoboScooter Prototype

The "RoboScooter" isn't really robotic at all, but ignoring the nomenclature it's still got verve. Designed at MIT's Media Lab in partnership with SYM/Sanyang Motors, the prototype electric scooter is made from just 150 discrete parts, making maintenance and upkeep…

PopMech Gets First Drive of the Aptera Electric Car

First: I hate the stupid-ass Brightcove player that Popular Mechanics uses for their video that makes embedding difficult. Second: I hate those stupid-ass Popular Mechanics editors for getting to drive an Aptera Typ-1e before I had a chance too. It's…