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Aptera's Steve Fambro Interviewed About Three-Wheeled Egg Car


Gizmag has a nice piece up about the Aptera Typ-1 vehicle, hung on an interview with co-founder and CEO Steve Fambro. The more I hear about this car, the more entranced I become. They are reporting a projected 300mpg for …

Fisker Automotive Plug-In Hybrid Sedan Production Concept


Fisker Automative has shown off their concept for this four-door plug-in hybrid sports sedan, to be officially unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in January. The first vehicles will be delivered at the end of 2009 with a starting price …

Rideable Electric Chest Cooler


Somewhere today a dedicated football game tailgater will see this rideable electric cooler/scoot hybrid. A light will go off in his head. Visions of fame and adventure in the stadium parking lot will usher forth like a home team tearing …

Yamaha's Folding Electric "Bobby" Scooter

bobbyscooter.jpg has this picture of the Yamaha "Bobby" concept folding electric scooter, shown at this year's Tokyo Auto Show. (Great name!) Sadly, while this is the expanded version, the folded-up mode isn't all that much smaller. I'd still putt-putt—or whirr-whirr—the …

Vectrix Electric Maxi-Scooter Reviewed (Verdict: Okay!)


I'll admit I was a bit disappointed to discover the Vectrix Electric Maxi-Scooter looked like, well, a scooter—the opening bit in this review of the unit by GizMag talked about doing burnouts, which led me to believe it was a …

Venturi Fetish Almost on the Street


With a production rate of just five cars a year—making 800 cars a year Tesla look a lot bigger—Monaco-based Venturi is about to release its take on the electric sports bra car, the squickily-named "Fetish."

The Fetish will have a …

Nocturnal Electricity to Charge Low-Emission Cars?

A columnist on Maine Today points out a large amount of power that goes wasted each night on the electricity grid that could be better used to power vehicles (or anything else):

Each night across the Northeast, there is a