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iRex: "Magazine Quality" color e-readers by 2011


In a PDF press release (PDF Warning: PDF) posted to the MobileRead forums by user HarryT, iRex lays out plans to issue color e-Readers within the next couple of years.

"The ultimate goal of an electronic paper display is to

E Ink acquisition sets stage for color epaper by 2010


Prime View said on Monday it would pay about $215 million for E Ink, whose flexible digital displays are used in Amazon's Kindle and the Sony Reader. ... E Ink Vice President Sriram Peruvemba said the deal would

Periscope Lighted Folio for Kindle 2


Periscope manages to take the clean lines of the Amazon Kindle 2 and wrap it in more leatherette straps and pockets than that time we accidentally started sending the S&M catalogs to the Accounts Payable department. But hey, at least …

Esquire to geeks: hack our e-paper magazine cover


Update: PT took apart the cover now that it's on the stands and it's not at all what we'd hoped. Pity. [Make]

E-paper cover a "stupid gimmick"? No way, Brian. Esquire's animated 75th anniversary cover

Two things I learned from the New York Times this morning

First, is huge. "4.4 million people and 40 million page views a month," according to this profile of its founder, Dr. Arnold Kim.

Second, that the 75th anniversary edition of Esquire magazine is going to incorporate an honest-to-god …

College textbooks coming — slowly — to Kindle

Princeton University Press will be selling textbooks in Kindle editions, reports the Christian Science Monitor. That's potentially good news for students: it'll make carrying around a whole bunch of textbooks something besides a spine-compressing metaphor for their college loans. …

This is what a broken Amazon Kindle looks like


I wish I could blame this on shoddy craftsmanship or a DRM snafu, but I'm guessing this is probably the result of my foot. All I know is that I put it in my bag one morning and when I …

Amazon Still Having Trouble Shipping Kindles


Amazon is still having a hard time meeting the at-the-moment-nebulous demand for the Kindle. A pal of mine ordered his on March 24th, but as of today it still hasn't shipped. Digitimes reported in January that PVI, the company that …

Amazon Kindle eBook Review (Verdict: Confusing, Expensive...but Promising)


Someday the Amazon Kindle will be worth your money.

Having used the new eBook reader from Amazon for a few hours, I'm happy to report that it manages to accomplish its major goals ably.

The ePaper screen is slightly smaller …

Liveblogging Amazon Kindle eBook Launch

Im at the W Union Square for the Amazon Kindle launch. I'm going to try and liveblog this from my phone, using its miraculously miraculous miracle touchscreen keyboard. Pardon any mistakes; I'll clean them up when I'm home.

We've got …