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California judge declares Sprint's early termination fees illegal

A California judge has passed a preliminary ruling on Sprint Nextel's early termination fees: I don't speak Legalese, but I believe an onomatopoeic kablammo is accepted in most languages. The judge presupposed that the ETFs were unfairly enforcing contracts. Of …

Haters of cellular lock-in: Has AT&T seen you coming?

The numbers, they baffle me:

AT&T "No Contract" iPhone deal: $599

$200 "2 year contract" iPhone plus $175 early termination fee: $375.

Now, only new lines of service are eligible for the $200 model. Assuming you're coming fresh to iPhone …

T-Mobile introduces declining early termination fees

From a press release issued by T-Mobile:

Beginning on June 28, 2008, the ETF for customers who choose a one-year or two-year service agreement with T-Mobile will decline during the course their contract. The ETF decreases from $200 to $100