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Getting local farmers' crops to restaurants using the internet

Alexis Madrigal:

FarmsReach wants to make ordering from local, small farms as easy and reliable as ordering from Sysco. Farmers with smartphones would snap quick photos of their produce, then upload their products into their "virtual stalls." Restaurants could

Wroezelaar, a toy for pigs


Pigs are smart creatures. And mean. Some speculate that pigs in captivity can develop a poor disposition because they're bored, making Sharon Geschiere's "Wroezelaar," a play toy for swine, an essential accessory for an emotionally healthy abattoir environment.

Having been …

The Long Arm of a Crafty Hog Herder


Core77 details the "Longarm," an ingeniously simple contraption designed by a pig farming woman who found herself in charge of 3,000 stubborn hogs. It's just a retractable swath of red cloth, but something about it causes pigs to shy away …

The DIY Tractors of Poland


Photographer Lukasz Skapski traveled around Poland to document the hand-built tractors used by many of the nation's farmers who were forced to hoe a DIY row due to the communist's government's inability to provision proper farm equipment. Many of the …