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Flash drive in the style of an Atari Cart

It’s just a USB flash drive cleverly slotted into an old cart, but what better way to tote a ROM collection around? Product Page [Roboticevile]

Steampunk Flash Drive

Beautiful, and one of a kind! And $165. [Etsy via CrunchGear]

Airplane-shaped flash drive

A startlingly expensive $24 at Chinavision. [via Coolest-Gadgets]

Flash still not coming to the iPhone while Adobe announces partnerships with almost everyone else

The throw down: the gnashing teeth, the thump of the chest, the quivering aqueous vitreous diffused with pulsating veins. It’s a glorious site, even when imagined upon the metaphorical face of Adobe. They are sick of Apple’s App Store dominance. … Continue reading

Adobe CEO: iPhone Flash “ball in our court”

Apple has seemed disingenuously reticent to get Flash on the iPhone. Jobs said the technical challenge was essentially insurmountable; throwing its head back, Adobe lolwhutted and said they could have Flash on the iPhone stat, if Apple would only give … Continue reading

DIY lighting solutions for photographers

After losing my little Sony Cybershot at CES and mourning the absence of a Smile Shutter in my life to pick up my friend’s most accidentally contorted rictuses, I decided I would buy myself a Canon G10 in the hopes … Continue reading

ioDrive drives fast: flash storage at 500 megabits a second

Behold the ioDrive. With its passive cooling and stubby PCIe connector, it could be easily mistaken for a cheap video card. A fat bank of memory chips, however, shows what it’s really about: 80 gigs of ultra-fast NAND flash memory. … Continue reading

Cyber Commander flash remote for DSLRs

Cyber Commander is a radio remote control for camera flashes. It’s got tons of features in its $180 price — the ability to control up to sixteen lights from up to 400 feet away, including not just triggering their flash … Continue reading

Light Bot: LEGO Mindstorms-like flash game for programming

Light Bot is a fantastic flash game in which you must program a robot to go from one side of a maze to another. I am embarrassingly ignorant of even the fundamentals of programming, so my first reaction was to … Continue reading

“Oh !*#%” flash drive looks like work of world’s stupidest thief

It so transpires that a standard USB jack’s sheath is large enough to contain plenty of memory–allowing for this amusing thumbdrive, complete with a trailing and torn cable. Product Page [Worldwide Fred via Gearfuse]