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Power On Self Test: Beech Wood Flashlight

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Do It Yourself! Pocket flashlight into burning laser pointer

This video tutorial will teach you to take a pocket flashlight and an old CD or DVD player and combine them into a retina-bursting, flesh-melting portable laser.... which, let's just face it, is an absolutely necessary armament in any true …

Transforming flashlight becomes Decepticon-like scorpion robot


A regular LED flashlight, infused with an Energon cube, becomes the most bitching torch ever. It not only transforms into a little anthropomorphic robot, but also a spider and Decepticon-style scorpion. $20, and I desperately want.

Transforming Flashlight [Meritline via …

There's no way the "FlashPoint ES Mini-Microwave" is real


According the Book of Joe, this little blip ran in the Financial Times "How to Spend It" magazine. (I don't read the FT on a regular basis, so I don't know if that's a regular addition or what.) It …

K2 Porcupine Light makes flashlights even more blinding


You can do a lot of damage with a simple flashlight. One solid swing, connected with the occipital lobe, is enough to detach retinas, and I can tell you from first hand experience there's just nothing funnier than watching a …

Reader Red Got a New Flashlight


Red sent in this brief recommendation for the Fenix P3d Cree Q5 Premium flashlight:

I'm not a shill...just a geek that over-researches every purchase.

I just received my Fenix P3d Cree Q5 Premium flashlight. I don't know what more to

Dan's New (Old) Flashlight


Daniel Rutter bought himself this handsome old flashlight which he guesstimates is probably about seventy years old. As per typical, Dan spends about as much time discussing the history of flashlights as he does his new acquisition, which he was …

EternaLight GeneRay X1 Crank Flashlight


This isn't a new product—and I'm 90% sure it's sourced from the same place as similar models slapped with a thousand different brands—but you've got to give credit where it's due: naming a crank-powered LED flashlight the "GeneRay X1" is …

Nebo Hands-Free Work Light


The Nebo Hands-Free Work Light clips over your ear in the style of a Bluetooth headset, recharges using two lithium-ion batteries, has both a white and green (night-vision-preserving) LED, and costs just $13 from the manufacturer. The earpiece is reversible …