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Lexon Jet Lights by Theo Williams: Expensive, pretty flashlights


I will share the expression of surprise with Technabob: I wouldn't think I'd be excited by the design of a flashlight, but Theo Williams' elegant little fobs are quite attractive. And not horribly expensive, provided you ignore the bargain …

Flashlight with built-in video camera


Swann's $500 FlashlightDVR is a flashlight with a camcorder built-in, pitched as an "invaluable tool for covert surveillance." As you can see, it's completely inconspicuous.

It saves MPEG4 video to 128MB of built-in flash or SD card, and it has …

Retro Flashlight Motherlode!


Holy shit! Just as I get all excited about Dan's antique flashlight, I follow a link from his site leading to the "Flashlight Museum," a trove of amazing retro models showcased by a flashlight aficionado. Above, the "Rod-D-Lite," a …

MII Flashcam: Tactical Flashlight with Built-In Camera


The "MII Flashcam" is a tactical 85,000-candle-power LED flashlight with a built-in audio and video recorder and a 1.5-inch LCD screen. (It's "MII" as in "Mark 2," not "Nintendo," even if it does share the same bobble-headed design.) There is …

Pop!Tech Notes: Sheila Kennedy and the Portable Light


Waving your hands around and saying "I think all this shit is bullshit" isn't the best way to meet lefty progressive girls. But while I was busy being too toothlessly punk as fuck, the first real horseshit presentation I'd seen …