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Kodak Can't Decide What To Call Its Next Camera

kodak zi8 name.gif

When The Boston Globe reviewed Kodak's latest pocket handicam, the pub dissed the product's "dreadful" nomenclature. Surely, writer Hiawatha Bray wondered, Kodak can come up with something better than "Zi8."*


Which is why they want YOU to …

Kodak Zi8: "much to love, little to gripe about"


I reviewed the Kodak Zi8 for Wired and found it to be a solid little handicam. From my review:

Inside and out, the Zi8 is brimming with upgrades (1080p) and little touches (a legit microphone jack!) that set a

Kodak's New HD Video Cam = Goodnight & Good Luck, Flip!

picnick zi8.jpg

Kodak unveiled the Zi8, its latest pocket video cam (far right). The HD shooter features 1080p, 4x digital zoom, SD slot, and weighs just 3.9 oz.

Oh, and did we mention it costs $180.

As we've said before, …

Flip ultra HD unboxed


Gax online has the new Flip Ultra HD with HDMI, which just hit stores for $200. He took it out of the box.

Flip Ultra Hd Unboxing [Gaxonline via Engadget via via Wired: Gadget Lab]…

Flip MinoHD camcorder: Will 720p matter to low-end camcorder buyers?


Pure Digital, makers of the mega-popular Flip camcorders, has announced the the MinoHD, essentially the Flip Mino capable of shooting 720p video. Its internal 4GB of will hold up to an hour of video.

Part of the Flip's appeal — …

Flip slammed for being no better than digicam video


Michael Arrington says there's one essential problem with cheap, fashionable video cameras like the Flip and the Vado: the quality is worse than what you'll get from a half-decent pocket camera like a Canon Elph.

"So I haven’t actually tried