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Samsung TL9 camera has analog gauges


Samsung's new TL9 point-and-shoot camera replaces the standard digital meters that show battery life and flash memory storage space with two pleasingly analog gauges. I hope this starts a trend!

Samsung fleshes out new digicam line with TL9, SL310W and

A collection of digital gauges from retro cars

In the '80s the future of car interfaces held lime graphics, tinny voices, and blocky LCD gauges. How far we've fallen!

Motive has collected several YouTube videos, each shot by casually proud owners of various cars, that showcase the cutting …

USB Word-Per-Minute Speedometer


In what would surely be a depressing addition to my work desk, the "USB WPM Speedometer" tracks your typing speed and daily word count, displaying them on a handsome analog dial (which is nested in a less-than-handsome chassis with a …

Smart New Speedometer Concept from Johnson Controls


As Core77 points out, the way this concept dashboard from Johnson Controls presents the speedometer is sort of hurdurrringly obvious:

While the bulk of the dashboard is ho-hum, at least one new detail is worth looking at, the speedometer