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Belkin's PC-to-Mac migration dongle spares you the annoyance of an Apple Genius


Belkin's latest color coordinated Apple dongle is $50 and comes bundled with Migration Assistant software, automating the process of switching your files and preferences from a Windows PC to a Mac... but, of course, not vice versa.

Sure, an Apple …

A look at iTunes' "Genius" music recommendation engine


Eliot Van Buskirk has a thorough look at the new "Genius" music recommendation feature in iTunes 8:

For now, the Genius sidebar is essentially a slicker version of what we've had for years within iTunes and other programs. But we

Genius Traveler 350 Portable Trackball for You People


I know some of you freakazoid trackball people are still out there. (Don't email me to complain. You're the one with the problem!) But because I am not the type of judgmental person to point out what heinous, horrible human …