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Rigged glasses let ALS patients write with their eyes

A new device created by a team of graffiti artists and friends enables those who have lost their motor skills to draw with their eyes. The project was inspired by LA graffiti writer Tony Quan’s 2003 diagnosis of ALS &mdash … Continue reading

Japanese auto-fogging glasses prevent long stares at the computer screen

Sometimes geeks sit in front of computer screens for a really long time, and we forget to do stuff like eat food, drink water, and blink our eyes. That’s why Masunaga, the company that designed Sarah Palin’s glasses, is coming … Continue reading

CES: One minute with the Myvu video glasses

It’s like watching an iPod movie through the filter of a thousand migraines!

Digital Performance Eyewear from Gunnar Optiks: When future.jpg is so bright…

I hate being dismissive of a product I’ve never used (really), but I can’t help but cringe a little at the buzzwords that abound in the press release for the Gunnar Optiks “Digital Performance Eyewear” glasses, a line of $100 … Continue reading

Adaptive Eyewear: Fluid-filled spectacles for use in developing economies

“Adaptive Eyewear” is a fascinating program out of the UK. By injecting various amounts of fluid into the lenses of thick glasses, then removing the syringes on either side once the correct vision is achieved. That makes it possible to … Continue reading

HD vision glasses offer man the ability to see the “high-def” other realm

While the brain is powerful enough (in theory) to process a high dynamic range of visual input, the human eye is incapable of actually detecting the reality that lays superimposed upon our own, invisible, just beyond the ken of our … Continue reading

DIY anti-CCTV glasses

These easy-to-make glasses use infra-red LEDs to obscure your face from cameras… and, perhaps most usefully, from ubiquitous CCTV observation. This is going to the top of our list of things to make Cory for his birthday. Anti-Paparazzi Sunglasses [Metacafe … Continue reading

Power On Self Test: Children are our future

Source: Dog’s Faint

Heat-Sensitive ON/OFF Coffee Mug

This heat-sensitive coffee mug turns from “OFF” to “ON” when filled with hot liquid—preferably coffee, although ice-cold laudanum might also be appropriate. It’s 25 bucks right now at Charles & Marie, which is painful. Doubly so because my experience with … Continue reading

Split Thump: Oakley Still Making Jerk-Ass MP3 Player Sunglasses

The Oakley Thump was never an awful idea—stashing an MP3 player in a set of sunglasses makes some sense. They’re already on your head, right next to your ears… But they’ve an obvious downside, too: you have to have your … Continue reading