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Review: O'Neill SL Gloves [Verdict: Wipeout]

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I bought O'Neill's SL gloves for three reasons:

1) The water is frigid in San Francisco, so 3mm neoprene seemed like the way to go.
2) $40 seemed reasonable at the time.
3) The model name boasts my initials (SL …

The North Face's clever E-Tip gloves too ugly to be removed from pockets


Because I'm so dumb that I think hot cocoa is the primary fundament of winter preparedness, I still haven't bought gloves—and it's been as cold as Dick Cheney's inverted pentacular anus in New York this year, too.

Is January too …

Phone Gloves


Ascending the brightest heaven of invention, Etre Touchy creates a "stylish, fun and practical way to keep your hands warm" while using modern touchscreen devices. Priced £15, the cunning design gives you "the freedom to touch, tap, stroke, slide and …

Smoking Mittens


I know, I know. Don't smoke. But as the fact that these "Suck UK Smoking Mittens" are out of stock testifies, I'm clearly not the only person out there still trying to find ways to hold a cigarette while not …

Glove Guards: Breakaway Clips for Work Gloves


The "Glove Guard" is a cheap plastic clip designed to give you a handy place to hang your gloves when you're not wearing them—and an easy way for them to disconnect if they get caught in any machinery. Two plastic …