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Greenpeace Declares Nokia Super-Green, Nintendo Not-So-Much

Greenpeace released its annual eco-rankings of electronics manufacturers. And the winner is… NOKIA, which scored a 7.45 out of 10 (10 being green-tastic). The whole report is worth a gander, but here’s the highlights, which I recommend reading to yourself … Continue reading

Follow-Up: Greenpeace Says Nintendo Didn’t Respond to E-Waste Queries

A couple days ago, I questioned some of the methods behind the “Guide to Greener Electronics” issues by Greenpeace, pointing out what appeared to be inequities towards Nintendo (who scored a 0 out of 10) for the sake of dramatic … Continue reading

Greenpeace Takes Electronics Companies to Task, But Are They Fair?

I’ve been mulling Greenpeace’s “Guide to Greener Electronics” since its release yesterday, especially its ranking of Nintendo, who scores a zero out of a possible ten. On the one hand I appreciate their attempts to hold electronics companies to high … Continue reading

Apple Warned of Impending Lawsuit Over Hazardous Chemicals in iPhone

After Greenpeace claimed Apple’s iPhone contained toxic chemicals, California’s Center for Environmental Health said it has given Apple a 60-day legal notice that may be a precursor to a lawsuit. The CEH’s hoped-for result? That Apple with “reformulate their products … Continue reading