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Behind the scenes look at the design of a poor product


TechRadar has an interview with several of the design heads at Griffin, maker of generally quality Apple aftermarket accessories, made all the more fascinating as the product they use as a case study is the AirCurve, a powerless amplifier …

Review: A day with Griffin's TuneBuds Mobile

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Griffin's $40 TuneBuds Mobile is a decent set with a useful value-add: a tiny microphone close to where the cord splits.

The mic works only with the iPhone, iPod classic, second-generation iPod Touch, and 4th-gen iPod Nano, but owners of …

Griffin Clarifi iPhone case beefs up the iPhone's terrible close-up focus


With Brando beating them to the punch with their iPhone Zoom Lens, how could Griffin retain its dignity and standing as purveyors of needless Apple crap accessories? With their own looking glass realm take on the same concept, stood upon …

Video Review: Griffin AirCurve iPhone Dock

In short, it's bad. Don't buy it.

AirCurve dock product page []…

Griffin Airbase claims to extend WiFi range through height


Griffin's Airbase — essentially an attractive extension cord for Apple's Airport Express — claims that its increased signal strength comes from "raising the base station up into the room." This makes total sense: like fat people, gravity tends to pull …

Griffin's Simplifi iPod dock crams in card reader, USB hub


Griffin's new Simplifi gorgeously converges a card reader and a USB hub with the opalescent plastic brick of an iPod or iPhone dock. It's simple, but it takes what is usually a wasteful, unnecessary block and actually makes it useful, …

Griffin's new iPhone geegaws: Clarifi case, AirCurve "waveguide" amplifier


Griffin has announced two interesting iPhone accessories: the Clarifi iPhone case for the iPhone 3G and the AirCurve sound-amplifying dock.

The weirdest first: The AirCurve [pictured left] is billed as an "amplifier", but there's no electronics inside. Instead …

Griffin ClearBoost iPhone Case Has Built-in Antenna


Griffin's "ClearBoost" case for the iPhone builds in an external antenna tuned for AT&T's U.S. GSM/EDGE network, giving it an unfortunate tab at the top of the case, but bringing in "increased ability to maintain connection with the cellular network, …