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iShred, an iPhone guitar app that makes playing real songs possible


iShred from Frontier Design is yet another guitar simulator for the iPhone, this time with an eye towards electrics, complete with stomp boxes and pedal effects. Unlike a lot of the other guitar apps out there, though, iShred looks fairly …

B.C. Rich Double Neck Bich guitar


Tom Whitwell may call the new B.C. Rich Double Neck Bich guitar "really ugly", but he won't say that when I crawl onto his roof and use it to summon the spirit of Paul Revere's horse to jumpkick his family …

Ovation iDea: Guitar with a built-in MP3 recorder, player


Okay, this is simple and perfect: The new Ovation iDea acoustic/electric guitar comes with a built-in MP3 recorder that, with a touch of a button, records the strings right off the pick-up and a separate, player-facing microphone for voice.

Looks …

Gibson Dark Fire can sound like any guitar


Gibson's "Dark Fire" guitar is their latest, most tricked-out guitar, marrying on sound processor called "Chameleon Tone" to the second version of their self-tuning "Robot" technology. It even has a snazzy "Master Control Knob" with a LED display on top. …

Blackbird Rider Nylon, a carbon-fiber acoustic guitar


Blackbird Guitars is now selling a nylon-stringed version of their Rider, unibody, carbon fiber guitar that is slightly larger than the steel-stringed original. The "Rider Nylon" is just as pretty as its predecessor — and someday I'll actually play one …

Guitar Amp in a Toaster


What you see before you is a guitar amp in a toaster. That is all. Thank you and rock on.

Hottie amps are solid state units powered by a 9-volt battery. Inside you'll find a 6" Jensen MOD speaker and

Your computer needs a guitar port


The standard minijack aux-in is just no good. You need a manlier, guitar-ready audio input for your machine. Instructables' shows you how, though commenter Steve Johnson points out that it won't work well with the basic CD-in socket that some …

Moog Guitar: synth legend unveils an axe with auto-mute, infinite sustain

Bob Moog, one of the original morphogenetic inventors of the synthesizer, has unveiled the "Moog Guitar," a new instrument with pick-ups that allow for "infinite sustain" and special auto-muted plucking. It was invented by engineer Paul Vo and will sell …

Video: The ChroniCaster is bong in a guitar

Or maybe it's just a pipe? I can't remember if bongs have to have water filtering or not.

Mike Edison's ChroniCaster: An Ax Hack That'll Make You Hack (and Wheeze) [Listening Post]…