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.44 caliber revolver is the world's most powerful NERF gun

"The Most Powerful Nerf Gun" is not a designation that garners much fear amongst the six-shooter set, but loading a dart into a .44 caliber revolver and then firing it into a willing demonstrator's junk at 1,500 feet per second …

Icon Warthog motorcycle puts the A-10 on the I-10


"The Warthog" is a show bike from Icon which suggests what should become standard equipment for fabulous road warriors: a cute little mini-gun. Sure, aiming might be difficult, but the rotation of the barrels should add an extra axis of …

A NERF gun's evolution


Over at his personal blog, toy designer Barry Kudrowitz, a PhD candidate of the MIT Toy Lab, breaks down his design process for the Nerf Atom Blaster from the original concept — a palm-sized foam ball projectile called the Hand …

Video: DIY Full Metal Rubber Band gun

An intrepid young man in Japan — whose website I believe is named "Psychodrive Over Boost!?"; We'll be renaming BBG to something similar now — has fashioned a beautiful one-off rubber band gun. It's the same basic design as wooden …

Antique railroad pocket watch with hidden gun


OhGizmo! unearths this wonderful horological curiosity: a key-wind pocket watch containing a gun barrel capable of firing a .3mm through a man's heart. Confront the perpetually tardy with the time... then put a cap into their brainpan with it.