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HOWTO Make A Cheap Version of Muji's CD Player


Ariel Schlesinger put together a guide on how to fabricate a cheap, homemade version of the wall-mounted CD player Nato Fukasawa designed for Muji.

Per Ariel's directions, here's everything you need:

a CD-player with an access to the

Kenyan Builds DIY Smart Home

Using an array of salvaged electronics, Kenyan tinkerer Simon Mwaura turned his cell phone into a remote control that lets him turn on lights, monitor his front door, and even brew tea.

[via AfriGadget]…

Video: Ghostmatrix, the spooky printer

Ghostmatrix is a "weekend hack" that "only took a few months." Jonathan Foote made this printer, which puts an array of UV LEDs over phosphorescent paper, allowing it to temporarily print letters that fade away like will o'wisps. [via Laughing

Hack Lego Minifigs for Halloween


Just in time for Halloween, a fantastic guide to making your own LED LEGO minifigs, perfect for ghoulishly glowing eyes and bloodfilled mouths.

How to hack LEDs into Lego Minifigs [Evil Mad Scientist]…

Game Boy Color mod reads ROMs from floppies


There's a lot of easy ways to play Game Boy ROMs, if you're so inclined. You can play them on an emulator: nearly every platform under the sun has a perfectly capable Game Boy emulator available for it. I have …

The Bi-Valve Audio Enhancer


Courtesy of MAKE's Flickr pool, the Bi-Valve Audio Enhancer, a simple but fun looking DAP enclosure that leverages a cheap portable iPod speaker to look like some sort of antediluvian sound machine prototype. A MAKE commenter christens the style "hot …

Giant unrollable fabric keyboard rug


Electronics hacker Maurin Donneaud created this huge, unrollable keyboard carpet for his living room, punching hundreds of holes under each letter to guarantee that the conductive switches would pick up his fuzzily socked feet. Concepts that are better in theory …

Don't Panic: DIY portable Wikipedia as Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Hack


Instructables has posted a great little how-to on creating your own Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...

This Instructable will set out how to construct what I believe to be a unique implementation of Wikipedia in an offline, portable device. It

Video: Slide Viewer Hacked Into iPod Dock

A judicious application of Dremel and gumption turned one man's slide viewer into a perfectly charming little iPod nano dock, blowing up its tiny screen into something...slightly less tiny. Too bad he has to reencode all his movies to display …