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Vampire Fangs Flytrap, Headgear

I’m a sucker for all things miniaturized and oversized. So I’m especially fond of JAAAHWS, a big version of those classic novelty vampire fangs. Use them to build your own maneating flytrap (above) or put the fangs on your noggin’, … Continue reading

A Wall-E and EVE of staggering awesomeness

Ignoring the slightly disconcerting subtext of a father and son dressing up as Pixar’s post-apocalyptic robot lovers, the Eve and Wall-E Halloween costumes of Anthony and his son are the best things I have ever seen. Eve and Wall-E [Flickr … Continue reading

Beware the clomping of the candy-fueled Chicken Walker

This kid’s costume is undeniably awesome, but I’m not quite sure it’s what he wanted. Quoth his Dad: So my middle son asked to be a robot for Halloween. We had a great time building this but I believe he … Continue reading

“Even Grandpa’s Kill -9 couldn’t stop him.”

Behold, the dreaded zombie process, the loneliest kid at the process table. HALLOWEEN t-shirt [Latorra.org]

Pac-Man Pumpkins, carved to pixel perfection

There is nothing particularly hard about making yourself a last-minute set of Pac-Man pumpkins, merely some paint and the industry to use your pumpkin saw to carve out individual pixels on Pinky and Clyde. Still, these are very fine. Pac … Continue reading

Predator’s beer funnel

Or Sub Zero’s, I guess, as the method of delivery for a triumphant libation after a particularly brutal Mortal Kombat style fatality. Take your pick of any spine ripper. It’s only $13.99, but it is a little late to order … Continue reading

Halloween OS X Finder Pillows

Just in time for Halloween, a Pickett-style mash of monstrously anthropomorphized Finder.apps in four flavors: Dracula, Pumpkinhead, Ghost and Frankenstein. These are really cute: it actually makes me wish the Finder.app face changed on holidays as an OS X easter … Continue reading

Free Halloween skin for Shuttle KPC owners

Shuttle, maker of attractive and reasonably-priced shoebox PCs like the K45, has a free Halloween costume for skinnable models. All they want is your address and serial number, and it’ll be sent off in about a week, assuming you get … Continue reading

Remote controlled robot zombie

For $2650, this motorized torso of a slavering, flesh hungry zombie might seem too pricey for even the most overzealous Hallowe’eners. But if you stop looking at poor Dead Fred here as a holiday prop and begin considering him as … Continue reading

Fright Catalog’s Animatronic Horrors, or Where I Would Have My Wedding Registry

When you get emails titled “Mechanized Attack Alligator for the Masses,” you pretty much know you’ve got a winner. Dug North has spotted this animatronic alligator designed for haunted houses and fright shops, available for just shy of $9,000. It’s … Continue reading