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Vampire Fangs Flytrap, Headgear


I'm a sucker for all things miniaturized and oversized. So I'm especially fond of JAAAHWS, a big version of those classic novelty vampire fangs. Use them to build your own maneating flytrap (above) or put the fangs on your …

A Wall-E and EVE of staggering awesomeness


Ignoring the slightly disconcerting subtext of a father and son dressing up as Pixar's post-apocalyptic robot lovers, the Eve and Wall-E Halloween costumes of Anthony and his son are the best things I have ever seen.

Eve and Wall-E [Flickr …

Beware the clomping of the candy-fueled Chicken Walker

This kid's costume is undeniably awesome, but I'm not quite sure it's what he wanted. Quoth his Dad:

So my middle son asked to be a robot for Halloween. We had a great time building this but I believe he

"Even Grandpa's Kill -9 couldn't stop him."


Behold, the dreaded zombie process, the loneliest kid at the process table.

HALLOWEEN t-shirt []…

Pac-Man Pumpkins, carved to pixel perfection


There is nothing particularly hard about making yourself a last-minute set of Pac-Man pumpkins, merely some paint and the industry to use your pumpkin saw to carve out individual pixels on Pinky and Clyde. Still, these are very fine.


Predator's beer funnel


Or Sub Zero's, I guess, as the method of delivery for a triumphant libation after a particularly brutal Mortal Kombat style fatality. Take your pick of any spine ripper. It's only $13.99, but it is a little late to order …

Halloween OS X Finder Pillows


Just in time for Halloween, a Pickett-style mash of monstrously anthropomorphized Finder.apps in four flavors: Dracula, Pumpkinhead, Ghost and Frankenstein. These are really cute: it actually makes me wish the face changed on holidays as an OS X easter …

Free Halloween skin for Shuttle KPC owners


Shuttle, maker of attractive and reasonably-priced shoebox PCs like the K45, has a free Halloween costume for skinnable models. All they want is your address and serial number, and it'll be sent off in about a week, assuming you get …

Remote controlled robot zombie

For $2650, this motorized torso of a slavering, flesh hungry zombie might seem too pricey for even the most overzealous Hallowe'eners. But if you stop looking at poor Dead Fred here as a holiday prop and begin considering him as …

Fright Catalog's Animatronic Horrors, or Where I Would Have My Wedding Registry


When you get emails titled "Mechanized Attack Alligator for the Masses," you pretty much know you've got a winner. Dug North has spotted this animatronic alligator designed for haunted houses and fright shops, available for just shy of $9,000. It's …