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Droog straps are not endorsed by Anthony Burgess


Oh Gizmo! caught my attention with the headline "Droog Storage Straps" and visions of Clockwork Orange licensed housewares began dancing in my head. Regrettably, "Droog" is the design house, not Nadsat, and the storage straps are simple bungees that …

Heat-Sensitive Hot/Cold Mug


Charles & Marie are taking pre-orders for the successor to their heat-sensitive "On/Off" mug—this one goes from "Cold" to "Hot" when you add something, you know, hot. Still very pricey at $25, but apparently they sold out of the last …

Absens Concealed Faucets


The "Absens" line of faucets, built by M&Z Rubinetterie, conceal a faucet and its controls behind a push-to-open panel. Might be worth installing just to mess with the minds of houseguests.

Absens concealed faucet line by M&Z Rubinetterie []…

Evander Holyfield Real Deal Grill


One of the only highlights of the five or six minutes I spent watching the horrible American Inventor reality contest was watching George Foreman, as one of the show's judges, give equitable plaudits to almost every horrible idea trotted up …

Siemens Long Slot "Executive" Toaster


The guard on the top of this "Executive Edition" toaster from Siemens—for that upwardly mobile middle manager for whom only the finest toasts will do—allows it to push bread up farther than normal toasters, preventing those awful times when you …

Lemon Squeezer Screw


I remain doubtful of the efficiency of this stainless steel screw twist lemon juicer, but it certainly looks neat. I'd worry that I wouldn't be able to get enough juice out when I needed it, while still dealing with a …