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Watch your life slip by


Take a seat for Andy Kurovetz's Cycle Life watch.

Welcome to the Glamourous Life of a Full-Time Professional Designer! Watch Yourself! [Yanko Dvice]…

Reporter writes goofy column about consoles: bumpkin or brilliant satirist?


Mainstream reporters often get eaten alive by the Internet, which is as dense as it is savagely incisive. This eternal recurrence goes something like this:

1. Write an incendiary column about the future of a technical and unpredictable subject. For …

Alternate uses for laptops


With its razor-sharp edge making the MacBook Air such a great guillotine frisbee, we are reminded that there are many uses for laptops besides number-crunching. Crooked Brains has compiled a list of some of the better ones, though they inexplicably …

Video: How a Triumph Motorcycle Is Not Actually Made

This promotional video for the Triumph Rocket 3, the "world's largest motorcycle," is what many corporate videos are not: successfully and intentionally funny. It's safe for work!

[via Core77]…

Video: From the Bros. That Brought You Overdrift: Assassinz!

Every day a new Duncan Bros. short hits the web is a holiday. This one even has gadgets, if you can accept dual Desert Eagle nunchucks as a gadget. (I do!)

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Video: Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Promotional Rap Video. Yes, Rap.

A improbably arrhythmic bow-tied professor raps to two preppy saps about the miraculous new features in Microsoft MS-DOS 5 update—it frees up 48k!*—punctuated by a chorus of three backup soul singers reminding us that "No PC should be …