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IBM Tape Drives (1965)


Photos: IBM machine, City Hall (1961)

Photo: The Library of Virgina
Photo: Library of Virginia

IBM's "Antique Attic" gallery

You can—and should—lose hours digging through IBM's "Antique Attic", an online catalog of the actual old machines they hold on hand for posterity's sake. This Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator is circa 1948; it looks straight out of an Asimov paperback…

4,000 Pages of IBM PC Documentation

Over at Gearfuse, Vince Veneziani — the shrieking monkey id of gadget blogging — took advantage of an all-too-rare moment of sanguinity to post this striking shot of the gorgeous manual set that IBM shipped with the original PC…

Twenty Five Years of the IBM PCjr

Old Skooler ramblings has a fantastic write-up of the twenty-five year old PCjr., IBM's embarrassing attempt at designing an affordable, entry-level computesr to '80s consumers. Its primary failing? It was actually less IBM compatible than the clones on the market…

Lenovo unveils W700 for mobile creative professionals

Lenovo's newest entry to the ThinkPad line, the W700, is a behemoth: the type of laptop IBM's own mob bosses might tie around a blog informer's ankle before pushing him off a pier. Weighing 8 pounds, the W700's is clearly…