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BAB, the IKEA Baby


Aubrey Clayton made "BAB, The Ikea Baby" [PDF] for an expecting friend, which shows how to assemble a flat-pack baby with IKEAesque instructions. [via MeFi Projects]…

IKEA Sunnan: Cheap, colorful rechargeable solar lamps


Tony Tarle likes his new lamps:

My kids found these at IKEA this weekend when charged with "Go find yourself a bedside reading light, and PRICE IS A FACTOR!"

They came back to my wife and I with these (the

Swank IKEA hack turns salad bowls into speakers


technabob spotted this swank IKEA hack that transforms their 8" inch Blanda Matt solid birch hardwood bowls into a gorgeous speaker system. As far as I'm concerned, this is what IKEA is: they don't sell furniture, they simply sell cheap …

Color coded cutting boards separate salmonella from sausage


Color coded chopping boards for $79 sit upon your kitchen counter in tabbed array, like file cabinet folders. As a man accumulating all of the accoutrements of a well-requisitioned kitchen, this appeals to me. The old John Brownlee would have …

Easy IKEA mod: mixing bowl / butcher block counter


As a guy with just zero technical acumen, I really like these stupidly simple IKEA hacks, like the one where you turn a cheap IKEA table into a MAME cabinet. This one's less geeky, but way more useful: Maker …



IKEA has released the GLÄNSA LYSA, an LED lantern that is suitable for use outside. It's only $18, which isn't a bad deal if it came with a rechargeable battery, but it appears to be just mains power only. The …