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Robot City, Pittsburgh

Robot City is a brownfield site in Pittsburgh, a railway roundhouse and abandoned cokeworks that once served as handmaiden to America's industrial revolution. Carnegie Mellon University plans to develop a high-tech robot testing site there for its Field Robotics Center.…

Robot Coupe Bread Slicer and Other Industrial Food Making Machines


Unless you've stockpiled dozens of cases of Concord Grape Goober in your larder, you'll likely find the £1,400 "Robot Coupe" to be a bit more bread slicer than your average kitchen requires. Cram a rod of French bread in the …

World's *est: Symmetricom SA.3Xm Atomic Clock


Measuring just two-by-two-inches square and less than an inch thick, the SA.3Xm atomic clock from Symmetricom is said to be the world's smallest, five times smaller than other rubidium oscillators. It looks like a hunk of radioactive cheese.

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