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Cute, colorful speakers for iPods


You thought the rainbows were going away, too? Think again. [GS4U via CrunchGear]…

Gallery of current (and not-so-current) iPod knock-offs


Harry McCracken took a walk through a San Franciscan liquidation sale and discovered at least 21 different types of iPod knock-offs for sale. He's documented each over at Technologizer in a photo gallery.

If everyone from BBG goes and checks …

Introducing the Walkpod


There's something satisfying about the mechanical act of mating involved in putting a tape into a walkman and hearing the machine crunch shut around it. If I still had any, I would totally buy a Walkpod.

Apple Walkpod [Farai via …

Who really gives a shit about MP3s killing the album?

Going over the polished zen aesthetic of Samsung's new Pebble line of MP3 players yesterday, I found myself wanting one. This infuriated me. Shuffle-style players pander to debased musical tastes. It was just one more small, pretty audio player — …