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A day with Aliph's Jawbone Prime and BlueAnt's Q1


Aliph's Jawbone Prime and BlueAnt's Q1 Bluetooth headsets are alike. The Jawbone has "NoiseAssassin", while the BlueAnt has "Voice Isolation Technology" -- in either case, audio is clearer and louder as a result. Both can pair with 8 devices, and …

Jawbone Prime, in Lime


The new Jawbone Prime has improved audio, "military-grade" noise-canceling, and comes in black, brown, silver, green, yellow, red, and purple.

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Jawbone maker giving $20 off if you got a traffic ticket for not using a Bluetooth headset


Aliph make a pretty good Bluetooth headset, I've heard, but I think I respect them just as much for their clever marketing of the Jawbone. First they let CES attendees trade their old Bluetooth headsets for a Jawbone. Now …

Aliph's updated Jawbone Bluetooth headset reviewed (Verdict: Smaller but just as quirky)


The first time I saw the original Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset in person I was shocked at its size. That perforated metal casing that looked so lovely on the outside concealed a mound of plastic the size of a circus …

Jawbone's Craft CES Trade-In Program


This was one of the most clever promotions I heard of at CES: The people that make the Jawbone Bluetooth headset, one of the more readily lusted-after Bluetooth units, were giving away free ones for anyone who would trade in …