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What do these Alessi kettles sound like?


Appliancist features two lovely hob-top kettles today, both of which are said to have "melodic whistles". A picture just doesn't cut it. If you have either one of these you should upload a video of what they sound like! I've …

Tefal QuickCup: Hot Water in 3 Seconds


The Tefal QuickCup heats up hot water in three seconds, perfect for popping out a quick cup of tea, instant coffee or soups, or cocoa. A built-in replaceable filter, uh, filters* while a special heating coil dispenses about 8 ounces …

Deals: Electric Kettle on Amazon for $12


I spent last week in Berlin with Ectomo's John Brownlee, which was as expected a total disaster. Watching him mince around his apartment in a fez, fending off his constant nagging to do each other's hair, and breathing in …

Electric Kettle Acid Test: Sunbeam Tea Drop, Kenwood Response Kettle


I've never been one for electric kettles, although when even Alton Brown has been swayed by their easy allure I am compelled to reconsider.

I borrowed one last year for a few days, thinking that I'd enjoy having water for …