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Cardboard Happy Hacking Keyboard


This appears to be a cardboard Happy Hacker keyboard offered for aboyt $70. At what point does start taking the mickey? Let's see one made of cake.

Update: Alas, they just left the cardboard key tray in for …

Econo-Keys, the reversible keyboard


The actual keyboard I like, assuming it's not as squidgy and strange as it looks. But the overall concept is hard to get behind, if you see what I mean. [via Oh Gizmo]…

A couple of weeks with the Apple Wireless Keyboard (Yes, the one from last year)


I'll keep this one short: If you took every keyboard ever made and condensed them to their most elemental parts you'd end up with the Apple Wireless Keyboard ($70). It's pleasant to type on (it feels just like the current …

Art Deco keyboard


Jeffrey Stephenson, maker of extraordinary wooden PC enclosures, writes in that Datamancer's turned 20th century.

My friend Richard Nagy (aka Datamancer) is famous for his Steampunk creations. Well, I think the Steampunk fad may have run its ourse. He

Medigenic keyboard for hospitals


The Medigenic infection-control computer keyboards have several neat tricks to prevent them from picking up any viral or bacterial baddies: they whole thing is sealed and can withstand hospital-grade disinfectants; there's a one-key switch that will disable the rest of …

Lisp machine, its keys


Lisp Machine Keyboard [Global nerdy via Make]…

Optimus Maximus: The Rise and...Can you fall if you never rose?


Russia! magazine takes a look back at the long and tumultuous gestation of the Optimus Maximus keyboard, the $1,500 keyboard from Art Lebedev with tiny OLED screens embedded under each hard-to-push keycaps.

And the notion that it’s really not all

Leather Keyboard


Natural media peripherals have an obvious appeal: the latest technology married to the real world's own bounty, as beautiful and simple as it often is. A walnut PC enclosure, perhaps, or a mouse made of stone.

But a leather keyboard? …

Strange jumbled keyboard from Japan


The uTron is two halves of a keyboard, set into a new layout. The basic, no-frills implementation is pleasing, but if one is going to embark on learning a new keyboard, something more radical, like the frogpad, is in …

Harness the power of a rainbow to learn to type


All rainbow directives at Boing Boing Gadgets come from the top. The guy who decided Infomercia — our joyless, Orwellian gadget state — should be rainbow colored? The guy who has been pushing for a BBG redesign in the style …