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iKey's newest Bluetooth keyboard has industrial anti-charm


Say hello to iKey's BT-87-TP, a brutally minimalistic industrial keyboard with a touchpad built in. Though it lacks a separate numeric keypad, it doesn't chop the function keys and has Bluetooth to keep the world wire-free. Two AA batteries keep …

Korg's tiny USB midi instrument set gets first look


Music Radar is first to receive the tiny keyboard, synth pad and fader deck that comprise Korg's nanoSeries. They look like toys, warns reviewer Ben Rogerson–are they?

Let's give you the good news first: the nanoSeries devices are certainly small.

Apple’s Aluminum Keyboard: not user-serviceable


Ever thought of trying to dismantle one of Apple's industrial-looking metal keyboards? Don't.

Space Invaders invade portable rubber keyboards


Space Invaders as a bendy keyboard looks great, but $40? Shoot that.

Product Page [BBShopping viaTechnabob

Joel's next keyboard: Crayola EZ Type


BBG supremo Joel Johnson is currently away, but I know our rainbow-loving leader would be enchanted by the bright colors of Crayola's EZ Type keyboard.

A close inspection of the $30 USB model, however, reveals a somewhat cocked-up layout, with …

Luxeed Dynamic Pixel LED keyboards


Luxeed's Amazing Technicolor LED Keyboards, like a blot of acid, are a love-it-or-leave-it affair. I love them, personally: I've always suspected that my keyboard was the gayest component of my computer setup — a precious soul, struggling to conform to …

Top X: 10 Perfectly Pure Gadgets


By BBG Staff

Perfection? Some gadgets are already perfect. They don't need further technological advancement. They're pure. If you change one thing about them significantly, you make them worse. You change their nature entirely. When someone finally comes up with

Infinium Labs finally releases the Phantom Lapboard


After six years of highly-entertaining internet drama, Phantom Entertainment (nee Infinium Labs) have finally released their first product: the Phantom Lapboard. Back in the halcyon days of gadget gossip, the Lapboard was to be the controller-of-choice for the mythical …

Black leather keyboard doesn't need letters


Kazuharu Sakura's leather keyboard is beautiful, minimalist, and tactile. And when you're done with it, you can use it as a BDSM paddle!

There's no price listed, but the artist's other work isn't insanely overpriced.
Kazuharu Sakura: Handmade Keyboard Art!

Keyboard design lacks keys


Keyboards with no physical feedback are a singular offense against nature: it's one of those design canards that never goes away. Kong Fanwen's No-Key Keyboard is the latest, but it does have one bonus: beauty!

How might these things be …