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Water Vitalizer Plus makes water drinkable

While leafing through my charming but gullible sister’s Amazon wishlist, I discovered this gem: the “Water Vitalizer Plus”. Developed by The Wolfe Clinic, just reading its bullet point descriptions just make me feel healthier. •The Water Vitalizer Plus water is … Continue reading

The Kitchen of 1943’s Future

Paleo-Future unearths this LIFE magazine spread from 1943 which details a Kitchen From The Future in which every appliance is a nook in a curvy buffet. Tomorrow’s Kitchen (1943) [PaleoFuture.com] Previously: • Electric house of the future: 1939's promise • … Continue reading

What do these Alessi kettles sound like?

Appliancist features two lovely hob-top kettles today, both of which are said to have “melodic whistles”. A picture just doesn’t cut it. If you have either one of these you should upload a video of what they sound like! I’ve … Continue reading

Knife block kills bacteria with UV rays

It doesn’t even have the charm of a $20 IKEA knife block made out of 90 percent recycled balsam pap, but this germ eliminating knife block by Hammacher Schlemer ciijs the e.coli off of your butchering utensils with a UV-C … Continue reading

Things On My Desk: A Verterra leaf bowl that I put through the dishwasher

I’ve been using the bowls I ordered from Verterra — the dishes made from pressed leaves – for a couple of weeks now. They’re sold as disposable, but can be hand-washed and reused without much issue. They’ll warp a little … Continue reading

Inflatable Puncture-Proof Pegasus Pleasure Plates coming soon!

All Infomercian citizens, please be advised: there is a general recall in effect of August 13th’s Compulsory Woot!, the Puncture-Proof Pegasus Pleasure Plate. MiniMac’s latest consumer studies suggest that the Puncture-Proof Pleasure Plate’s structural resilience is 0.02 points past Planned … Continue reading

Banana clip tray makes ice bullets

For $13.25 plus shipping you can create ice cubes that look like AK-47 rounds. (Today was a good day.) Ice bullets cube tray catalog page [Find-me-a-gift.co.uk via Serious Eats via UberReview]

Astronaut-etched cutting board

Up To You Toronto is selling this gorgeous cutting board featuring a tiny laser-etched spaceman waving happily from the infinite vacuum of the grain, along with three brethren boards: a downhill skier, a diver, a tiny Evel Knievel. $49 for … Continue reading

Mate toddler plate grips table

The “Mate” plate and mat for toddlers keeps a three-sectioned plate stuck to a table top, with snap-on fork and spoon to match. It won’t stop your larvae from slathering themselves in muddled pork gravy, but at least they’ll have … Continue reading

Brütül Lagerhead makes pouring black & tans more turtley

The Brütül “Lagerhead” is a little turtle-shaped device that makes pouring a perfect black & tan simple. There’s not much the Lagerhead does that an inverted spoon couldn’t manage, but spoons don’t have integrated beer openers and stubby little legs. … Continue reading