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Alton Brown profiled by Chemical & Engineering News


Chemical & Engineering News profiles one of my heros, Mr. Alton Brown, star of Good Eats and my future best friend. Turns out Mr. Brown isn't just a motorcycle enthusiast, but also a scuba diver. (And, of course, a great …

RFID helps kitchen helper robots help you

The "Assistive Kitchen" robot picks up the dishes and takes them to the wash, thanks in large part to RFID sensors built into the plates and utensils in Stanford's test kitchen. The team building the robot is also trying to …

Scoop Clip scoops from, clips on bags


The "Scoop Clip" is a two-cupped spoon that also doubles as a clip to keep a bag shut tight. (For most of you: coffee; for me: high-quality cocaine-dusted chocolate.)

Unlike most products from The Pampered Chef, it's not horrendously over-engineered …

Power On Self Test: 'Kitchen Appliance' of 1915


Bonus fact: Historical precedent that Team Fortress 2's Pyro is, in fact, a woman.

[via Shorpy]…

Michael Ruhlman suggests a book about kitchen knives


Michael Ruhlman recommends the book An Edge in the Kitchen. It's a whole book about kitchen knives!

Chad Ward, a writer based in North Carolina, has written a handsome volume on knives and everything you might want to know

Chef'n Garlic Zoom revs up the prep work


Single-purpose kitchen gadgets — chromed coffee bean massagers, leek deveiners, cast iron quinoa forks — are the bane of the modern kitchen. Yet despite doing nothing a sharp knife and a deft hand couldn't do, I really want this "Chef'n …

Aga Four Oven Cooker skips whiz-bang for cast iron badassery


This "Four Oven Cooker" from Aga is made from cast iron, covered in "three coats of vitreous enamel" in fourteen different colors, weights 1,290 pounds, and must be installed by a certified fitter. It's available in an electric model, but …

Breville iKon BKT500 toaster also burns coffee


I don't quite understand my particular fascination with toasters — I rarely eat toast — especially since I'm comfortably of the school that specialized gadgets have no place in a proper kitchen. Still I haul my Back-to-Basics toaster from under …

Space Invaders cutting board on Etsy


Etsy craftsman l337motif uses "pixels" of walnut and hard maple to create wooden cutting board with vintage gaming motifs for $125 each. The Legend of Zelda Tri-Force Cutting Board is the only one currently available, and as gaming references in …

Michael Ruhlman's essential kitchen gadgets


Food writer Michael Ruhlman's list of essential kitchen gadgets are what you'd expect from a guy who wrote a book called The Elements of Cooking — no garlic massagers or bacon wafters here.

From right to left, big knife and