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Coway's sonic dish-cleaning wand


I hate doing dishes. My sink is filled with them; I put their scouring off as long as possible, at least until the fungal growths begin to bloom and wreak havoc with my sinuses or the first-generation egg sacks burst …

Kyocera Mandoline Gets Two Thinly Sliced Thumbs Up


Blake Royer bought a plastic mandoline with a ceramic blade made by Kyocera for just $25 and found it just as good as more expensive steel models.

Never mind that a cell phone company makes it; this thing works. And

Sweet Black Jesus I Have Unboxed a Heineken BeerTender


If ever I start complaining about what a rough job I have or how it's difficult to maintain a high output in the face of an onslaught of new products and the demands of a public job and dealing with …

Robot Coupe Bread Slicer and Other Industrial Food Making Machines


Unless you've stockpiled dozens of cases of Concord Grape Goober in your larder, you'll likely find the £1,400 "Robot Coupe" to be a bit more bread slicer than your average kitchen requires. Cram a rod of French bread in the …

Ariete SteakHouse Indoor Grill


The "SteakHouse" indoor grill's verical design is more than just a space-saving trick—and if you look at more of the pictures you'll realize it's not that small in the first place—but instead designed to allow fats to drain from the …

In the Future, All Toast Will Take 15 Minutes to Depress

There's no reason whatsoever to recommend this "Morphy Richards 2 Perfection Toaster"—it's upwards of $60, for one—but the space-age bread insertion mechanism, as seen in the video, is quite futuristic. Pretend you're loading the photon torpedo tubes.

Catalog Page [ …

Hand-Cranked Spong Coffee Mill


Designed by James Osborne Spong, the Spong Coffee Mill is a hand-cranked contraption that Apartment Therapy claims makes a fine cup of coffee. While it still uses a blade instead of a burr, it's unlikely that the speed of the …

Siemens Touch Sensitive Stovetops


The latest inductive cooktops from Siemens have—as the brand name "touchSlider" might imply—a touch-sensitive slider below each burner that light up when you select the heat level your desire. Completely unnecessary are totally nifty.

Siemens touchSlider induction and electric ceramic

Deals: Electric Kettle on Amazon for $12


I spent last week in Berlin with Ectomo's John Brownlee, which was as expected a total disaster. Watching him mince around his apartment in a fez, fending off his constant nagging to do each other's hair, and breathing in …

Hot...Rock? Hot Rock!


"The greatest adventure in dining has arrived!" claims the website of "Hot Rock," the vaguely appealing theme restaurant sensation that is sweeping probably nowhere! The idea is simple: diners are given a rock. The rock is hot! Then, by putting …