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Review: a week with Korg's Nano Digital Music Controllers


Korg's Nano series of music gear, sold by ThinkGeek, will never be confused with pro equipment. That doesn't matter one bit, however, because they're great fun and you can make hands-on digital music anywhere you like.

Granted, the keyboard's …

The Flaming Lips' double-necked Guitar Hero guitar


Where many guitarists petulantly sulk about these damn kids today plinking on their plastic guitars, completely degrading the mystical art of the five-string craft... at least until the first Rock Band royalty check comes in... Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne …

Korg's tiny USB midi instrument set gets first look


Music Radar is first to receive the tiny keyboard, synth pad and fader deck that comprise Korg's nanoSeries. They look like toys, warns reviewer Ben Rogerson–are they?

Let's give you the good news first: the nanoSeries devices are certainly small.

Kraftwek goes iPhone with a little help from the Korg DS-10 and a stylophone

A fantastic chiptune cover of Kraftwerk's Pocket Calculator using an iPhone, Korg DS-10 and Stylophone. I love it: I can hear it in my fillings.

Stylophone with KORG DS-10 + iPhone App [YouTube via MAKE via Matrixsynth]…

First KORG DS-10 album released (Korg music on the Nintendo DS!)


The world's first album entirely composed on KORG's Nintendo DS synthesizer (an emulator of the classic MS-10) has been released courtesy of It's actually not bad make-out music if you've got a chiptune aphrodisial pleasure model handy.


Korg DS-10 synthesizer and sequencer for Nintendo DS first look (Verdict: Looking good!)


BBG reader/sex object Downpressor got his Korg DS-10 cartridge in the mail today, bestowing upon his Nintendo DS the power of synthesized, sequenced bloopage and bleeperts.

He likes it:

This isnt a serious synth, maybe less than the Kaossilator, but

Korg 'nano' laptop MIDI controls 'incredibly small, light, and flimsy'


Tom Whitwell dabbled with the new Korg Nano USB MIDI controllers at a recent music trade show.

They are incredibly small, light and flimsy. Fortunately, they're also absurdly cheap. Even at just £49, the NanoKey is certainly the lamest -

Korg DS-10: Emulate the Classic MS-10 Synth on the Nintendo DS

The Korg DS-10 is a cartridge for the Nintendo DS that turns the portable game device into a synthesized MS-10 synthesizer, including two synth engines, a drum machine, and a 16-step sequencer. You can punch in controls with three different …