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Power On Self Test: Spooky Lamps


Cassette Lamps


Oomydesign via Inhabitat

Reading Lamp


Designed by Jun Yasumoto, Alban Le Henry, Olivier Pigasse and Vincent Vandenbrouck, this reading lamp turns itself off when you drape a book over it. Genius. [Core77]…

I am not an elephant! I am a light fixture! I am a lamp!


Daan van den Berg scanned Ikea's LAMPAN lamp, infected the form with a digital "elephantiasis" virus, then ran out the result on a 3D printer. [Next Nature]…

Kozo Lamp


David Benatan works for a design outfit in Tel Aviv, where he makes lamps out of pipes. You even turn them on and off using faucets!


Kozo lamps by David Banatan {Dezeen]…

A secret gathering of the Order of the Lamp


Gallery by Rune Guneriussen [kjefta]…

Electro-luminescent butterfly lamp


Hidden Art's Butterfly Lamp lives up to the store's name, sketching the topography of an unlit alien world in lines of printed, electroluminescent phosphors.

Shop [Hidden Art]…

Bookmark Bedside Lamp


This is simple, but great: the Bookmark Bedside Lamp features one protruding spine over which to splay your half-read book at the end of the night. I only wish it had more protruding bookmarks, splayed in a fan around the …

Liquid lamps ooze gore and light


These lamps from Caina's Design shop oozes gouts of gorish silicon like a redrum hallucination at a recently re-decorated Overlook Hotel. That sort of chicness will cost, though: they cost about $262 a piece.

Liquid Lamp [Caina via Coolest Gadgets

Old washing machine drum turned into lamp


If you're constantly wondering what to do with old washing machine agitator drums, here's your answer: turn them into lamps and sell them on the internet for $500.