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Prototype Sony lampshade steals own lightbulb's energy back


Sony's dye-sensitized solar cells will first see life as light: a desk lamp, to be precise.

The Hana-Akari fixture is made up of panels that mimick photosynthesis, storing energy in a low-cost, thin membrane that will be easy to manufacture. …

Desktop lamps made of vintage Italian moped handlebars

Picture 27.jpg

Italian craftsman Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi wrenches the necks off of vintage mopeds and crafts their handlebars and headlamp into gorgeous Lambretta scooter lamps. Or, at the very least, he does the next best thing: recreates them without decapitating a perfectly …

I have no mouth, and I must bark


Victims of a gorgon who turned flesh to silicon, Charles Kalpakian's angular dog lamps will forever bathe one another in pale shrouds of light. Subtle flickers in the 60Hz lambency encode messages. Not the plots of our future robot masters, …

Hangman lamp brightens day of the dead

Picture 1colgao.jpg

Hand-made by enPieza! studio from corrosion-resistant iron, this lamp makes light of a gloomy subject. Once again, it's a one-off you can't actually purchase: doubtless a sanitized knockoff will appear in the Hammacher-Schlemmer or SkyMall catalogs soon enough!

The Colago

Tyrannosaurus lamp lights bedrooms Crestaceously


The T-Rex DIY Dinosaur Light — they had such an opening for DIYnosaur, but they resisted like spartans — flashes me back to the more scientific days of my childhood, when my room was covered with fossilized chicken bones mislabeled …

Chain Lamp by Iliara Marelli


This gorgeous Chain Lamp designed by Iliara Marelli scrunches its articulated folds into a compact base as the action of turning it off. Very alluring, but it's $595: for that price, I expect to be basked in the divine, holy …

SkyCeilings now support programmable azimuth lighting


The folks at Sky Factory sent word that their SkyCeilings faux skylights now include programmable lighting which can be used to emulate the intensity and color changes that come with a rising and setting sun.

Further, the bi-color Programmable SkyCeiling

Space Invaders lamps, but don't let Taito hear you call them that


There's a lot in a name. Space Invaders are tiny pixellated blobs of extraterrestrial cephalopod that drop down from the sky, waiting to be spattered by my atomic cannon. Space Intruderz, on the other hand, are Muscatel-swiggin' homeboys who …

Why Are Projector Bulbs So Expensive?


I've been trying to get a clear answer to that one for the last couple of years, but every time I ask Panasonic or Infocus about the high cost of replacement bulbs I get some mumbo-jumbo about the high tolerances …

Tripple Espresso Lamp by Francois Legault


While too twee to be appropriate for a home, this "Tripple Espresso" lamp from Francois Legault would be charming in a coffee shop or programmer's hovel.

It's $375.

Tripple Espresso Lamp []…