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Waiting for retro: cheap LCD handheld games were always there

Through successive generations of Nintendo handheld and the various also-rans, portable gaming’s gotten brighter, better and more colorful. But all along, traditional Tiger-style LCD games, despite slipping into dollar-store senescence, continued to lurk in the background. They are with us … Continue reading

Philips ultra-widescreen LCD does 2.40:1 without letterboxing

Philip’s new 56-inch 21:9 cinema LCD will be hitting Europe this spring, and it’s gorgeous. I don’t care if I’ll have to watch standard-def television in vertical letterboxing 18 inches on each side: now this is the way to watch … Continue reading

Toshiba unveils future Regza LCD upgrades, and the future of their HDTVs: Cell TV

From the very first moments of the Toshiba press conference it’s clear there’s going to be little on offer HDTV. The stage is set with a quartet of hooded television models; the press conference starts with a two minute tribute … Continue reading

Mimo 7-inch LCD gets reviewed (Verdict: fantastic for coralling all your tiny windows and widgets)

Our good friends over at technabob have reviewed one of those diminutive Mimo mini-displays that extend your desktop via a simple USB conenction. As I suspected, a few caveats aside, these are pretty great little frame to corral your PhotoShop … Continue reading

Easiest to Read digital scale with high-contrast LCD

This “Easiest to Read Digital Scale” is actually quite attractive in its way, with a massive LCD display on the right that stays displayed for ten seconds after you step off the scale. It’s designed for oldsters, I’m sure, but … Continue reading

120 review HDTV buying guide for 2008

HD Guru has posted a mammoth review of 125 different HDTVs, mainly focusing on the differences between models in regards to static resolution vs. motion resolution, horizontal bandwidth and how well each HD can smash apart and reformulate a 24 … Continue reading

LCD panel prices to fall in Autumn

According to this brass tacks analyst piece in the Times, a glut of LCD displays — both larger panels for HDTVs and somewhat small panels for computer monitors — means that prices should be crashing towards the end of the … Continue reading

Sharp business HDTV includes built-in web browser

When I ruminated that the future of the set-top box was the web browser, I asked when television manufacturers would add a browser to their sets. Sharp’s latest LCD HDTVs include a browser, so I guess the answer is “now”. … Continue reading

Dell Crystal LCD monitor reviewed (Verdict: not just expensive, but also bad)

We already knew the Dell Crystal Monitor was going to sell only to those more concerned with how their computer looked than how it performed — $1,200 for a 22-inch monitor with a sheet of glass over it is madness, … Continue reading

Alienware’s Curved LCD Monitor Prototype

Alienware, the far-too-expensive boutique gaming computer company that was acquired by Dell, is showing off this surprisingly attractive (and potentially even useful) curved LCD DLP monitor at CES. It’s over three feet wide and has a resolution of 2,880 by … Continue reading