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Power On Self Test: LED culture


Creator: Augustson

LED Life Mask


Twinkling LED placemat


Sylvania's decorative placemat "colors your indoor world" and allows one to "capitalize on the novelty of LED d├ęcor and accessories."

$25 for a pack of two.

LED Placemat - Black [Sylvania via Oh Gizmo and Chip Chick]…

Video: Light Art Performance Photography

If you wonder if I sit at my desk and talk to myself, you may be like to know that I just started watching this video and said, aloud, "Ho-lee shit." Porter, the dog, shrugged.

The video is a collection …

LED light mine


ThinkGeek's LED light mine works like this: when exploring lightless coridoors in distant abandoned space outposts, you turn one on and hurl it before you. One of its bristling crown of neo magnets will stick to something useful.

Because each

Beautiful Peggy: Black-and-white LED array displaying video

[Evil Mad Scientist via MAKE:]…

LED Screwdriver light


This $8.95 screwdriver attachment has a sprays LED light upon the philips head of your choice as you turn it. At first, this seemed useless, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there's often dark, …

Video: Dekotora Nintendo DS Lite has LED-a-go-go

This enterprising Japanese hacker kitted his Nintendo DS Lite with at least a dozen LEDs, creating the most powerful portable seizure machine on the planet. (Skip to 4:40 if you just want to see the lights, not the build process.)…

LED Menorah


For the Festival of Blinkenlights.

LED motherboard menorah [Fred Flare via Hack a Day]…

LED contact lens cases tell you when to throw them out


For the myopic eyeball toucher, this is brilliant: an electronic contact lens case with a simple LED display that tells you how long it's been since you started wearing your current set of contacts. You can even customize the schedule …