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d°light Huggable glowing pillow reviewed (Verdict: Not so huggable)


Pillows are practically perfect in their default incarnation, so adding lights — lights that sacrifice the overall comfort due to their plastic, ball-like casing — is a big stretch. Especially at $160, the price of the "d°light Huggable" by Diana …

Text on an Arduino-based Monome clone

Arduinome Nerdscroll Demonstration from BricK Table on Vimeo.

"Let's get nerdscroll running."

Arduinome [via Make, CreateDigitalMusic]…

My Burning Man project: LEDs lit by wireless power

When I asked about making 900 MHz antenna, this was the project I was working on: tiny wireless power fobs that will go on the keychain of those in my camp at Burning Man this year. As you can …

Giant LED Bookcase Clock


Don't look. Don't look. Don't check the time. You'll be able to sleep if you don't check the time. 02:01. Dammit! Okay, pretend you didn't look. Forget it. Forget it. Man, my eyes hurt. I need to sleep. I …

LED candelabras


I really like the artful shots of these LED candelabras, designed by Phillipe Boulet. But then there's the price: two hundred to three hundred euros each. And then there's the nagging suspicion that they would only look a little bit …

Fight aliens and fly spaceships on your duvet with LED sci-fi blanket


And I thought my threadbare Last Starfighter sheets were pretty cool. The Space Story duvet cover uses flashing LEDs and the tintinnabulations of tiny UFOs to get your kids excited about bed time. Tuck them in at night and flip …

Sci-fi style USB tube speaker outputs blue LED glow


If you're going to use a USB speaker, the modus operandi seems to be to strive for tacky novelty.These USB Light Tube Speakers by Brando, then, are a refreshing change of pace: the blue electric glow is novel but not …

DIY LED Chess Set


Over at Instructables, they've posted a tutorial on how to turn a cheap glass chess board into a glowing, one-of-a-kind LED set.

I had just picked up a cheap-o glass chess set at my local arcade for the low

Solar LED lamp company ditches Silicon Valley for China

D.Light, a company that aims to sell low-cost solar-powered LED lights to the developing world (to replace kerosine lamps) is moving from Mountain View, California, to manufacturing mega-hub Shenzen, China, reports Earth2Tech. They are also not planning on selling …

Walgreens LED sign will be Times Square's largest


The Times reports on a gigantic new LED advertising billboard to be installed in Times Square by Walgreens — the largest so far.

The sign will have 12 million light-emitting diodes, known as L.E.D.’s – 17,000 square feet of them,