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Snow Leopard Review Round-Up

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Awesome, yawn-worthy, or a bit of both? The bottom lines are in...

Ed Baig at USA Today:

Snow Leopard isn't a must-have upgrade. There's not much new in the sizzle department. Many feature enrichments are modest, such as the

Power On Self Test: Leopard Skull


Image: Frederik Samuel

MSI Wind hacked to run Leopard


While endless Eee-caliber mini-notebooks tumble to market, most looking like tiny idiot clones of the iBook, the question remains when Apple will jump into the fray. The answer, for various reasons, is probably never, or optimistically "no time soon." But …

Psystar announces Mac server clones, still not sued


Psystar — the zany hardware company that is openly giving the finger to Apple's ToS (and their lawyers) by releasing the first Apple clones since Jobs put the kibosh on them in 1998 — have come out with another entry …

EFiX dongle promises easy OS X installation on any PC


The EFiX OS X dongle is promising an easy way to install Leopard on your PC: cram it into a free USB port, pop the Leopard install disc into your drive, reboot your PC, and it'll take care of all …

Hacked OQO is the world's smallest Mac


Over at the OQO Talk forums, neonatal member TRF's initial claims to have successfully hacked his OQO to run OS X Leopard was met only with scorns and cries of hoax. But a couple of days later, TRF seems to …

Psystar OpenMac monstrosities run OS X


There's a certain demographic of PC user — the sort of guy who likes digging in the intertwined morass of computer drivers and hardware like a neuro-surgeon, his hands pushed up to the elbows in the pulsating effluvia of a …

Giant OS X Icons from the Future


Apple's next iteration of OS X, Leopard, will may be (but probably will not be) the first major operating system that supports "resolution independence," the ability to display the interface based on relative size, not simple pixel counts. By freeing …