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Cigarette lighter in the shape of a cigarette

As is readily apparent, DealExtreme’s $1.50 butane lighter is designed to resemble a cigarette.

Tab-Dock: Zippo meets Pez

Jeshii points out Tab-Dock, the Japan-only “mint dispenser that replaces the lighter assembly in a Zippo. Seems silly and not something that is going to win you friends, but might be a funny way to be a total dick to … Continue reading

Zippo Blu: The World’s Swankiest Crack Lighter

There’s a new Zippo in town—and it’s quite ugly. The “Zippo BLU” takes the original windproof design and tweaks it, switching the fuel from liquid to butane to produce a jet blast of flame. You know, just like those $5 … Continue reading

Convert a cigarette lighter into a secret stash container

This video shows you how to convert a butane lighter into a secret container. Along with an empty plastic lighter, you also need a push button pen and some tape. Link Update: Watch out. Some people are getting ridiculous pop-ups … Continue reading